1. Commercial Overhead Door Operators for NJ Businesses

    When it comes to openers for commercial overhead doors, businesses have many of options to choose from. If you aren't sure which style you are looking for, the decision can be overwhelming, which is where a qualified garage door company comes in. For demanding New Jersey businesses, TGS is available to offer insight so that you may select the most appropriate commercial overhead door suited to you…Read More

  2. Commercial Rolling Door Systems, Ocean County NJ

    TGS Garages & Doors is proud to employ certified technicians for commercial rolling door systems, Ocean County NJ. It is very important when working with commercial doors to be sure they are dependable, safe and secure. Most commercial doors are protecting the investment behind the doors and within the walls of the business. Ocean County NJ commercial doors are usually automated and require sp…Read More

  3. Commercial Overhead Garage Doors Designed For Wind Loads

    Insulated commercial overhead garage doors provide extra protection against the elements. Manufactured with solid construction to withstand wind loads, these doors are designed for durability, serviceability and appearance. In addition to smooth curtain operation, these commercial overhead doors are available in a variety of stylish profiles, finishes and other options. Each door is computer de…Read More

  4. Custom Garage Doors For Manufacturing Facilities

    When your project requires quality, tough commercial doors to withstand the daily wear and tear of operating a facility, our inventory of commercial and industrial overhead doors includes a complete selection of performance- and safety-tested doors as well as custom garage doors. In order to provide a wide array of styles to meet any type of facility, our top industry manufacturers deliver insu…Read More

  5. Commercial Garage Door Companies For Steel Service Doors

    In general, commercial overhead doors call for high levels of safety and security. With an upward-coiling, steel service door, both risk and danger are removed from the equation. Many commercial garage door companies work with various manufacturers, but our family-run business has been selling, installing and servicing quality commercial doors in New Jersey for over twenty years. Our produc…Read More

  6. Improve Safety With Today's Commercial Garage Door Openers

    Industrial overhead doors are often used several times per hour and they require strong and durable commercial garage door openers. To improve safety and enhance the life of your commercial door and motor, the industry’s guidelines for quality assurance recommend a single manufacturer for both door and operator. Whether your project calls for a medium, standard or heavy-duty operator, our aut…Read More

  7. Fire-Rated Counter Doors And Commercial Garage Door Installation

    Fire-rated counter doors are ideal for openings in various applications such as pharmacies, factories, schools, concessions, hospitals, cafeterias and other retail spaces that require a counter-type door. Whether in masonry or non-masonry fire walls, these doors are designed to expand upward in a fire, allowing the guides to be installed flush with the sill. Their box-like and compact form presen…Read More

  8. Commercial Overhead Garage Doors And Preventative Maintenance

    Not only is it critical for commercial overhead garage doors to be constructed from the industry's most durable materials, but proactive inspection and preventative maintenance on your doors will decrease down time, minimize costly repairs, maintain a safe environment and increase the life of your commercial doors and operators. Our customer service team will place you on a regular service sche…Read More

  9. Custom Garage Doors For Specific Design Needs

    Your project has specific design needs. Our custom garage doors come with a variety of extra features to make your project a success. Our comprehensive line of commercial overhead doors afford reliability at a competitive price point. A few things to consider when purchasing or replacing a commercial garage door are the frequency of use, insulation needs, height requirements, fire code specs and…Read More

  10. Commercial Garage Door Companies Trouble-Free Operation

    The daily demands of operating a manufacturing facility mean wear and tear for even the toughest overhead doors. Trouble-free operation, dependability and above all, safety, are critical. Without a reliable commercial door system, business slows or worse, stops. An upward-coiling steel door is the answer for industrial applications that require high-cycle, stringent use. With features such as c…Read More

  11. Commercial Garage Door Openers For Hospitals

    Commercial overhead door operators feature various technologies to suit new construction, retrofit applications as well as unusual or special requirements. Common applications for these openers include factories, schools, concessions, hospitals, cafeterias and retail settings. Whether your project requires a light or heavy duty commercial garage door openers, we provide durable and reliable oper…Read More

  12. Commercial Garage Door Installation Meet Fire Safety Standards

    The job of overhead fire doors is to limit the damage in the unfortunate event of a fire. These heavy duty, moveable barriers are also the most effective way of protecting property as well as ensuring the safety of the building's occupants. Offering flexibility in substrate materials such as galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum, fire-rated commercial garage door installation also come…Read More

  13. Commercial Overhead Garage Doors In New Jersey

    We specialize in the installation, service and repair of commercial, industrial and residential garage doors in the New Jersey area. Over time we have worked hard to gain the trust of businesses and homeowners and we've forged lifelong relationships with our clients. Our commercial garage door estimating specialists will carefully evaluate your building(s) to determine the best commercial gara…Read More

  14. Hassle-Free Custom Garage Doors: Vital For Hospitals

    Overhead doors for hospitals are a vital application of integrated door and operator systems. Life can literally depend upon the reliable operation, hassle-free use and high quality of these custom garage doors for hospitals. With a rolling service door and our commitment to excellence, hospitals get the assurance and peace of mind that our doors will work in the most crucial situations. Our o…Read More

  15. Commercial Garage Door Companies For High-Cycle Solutions

    Fabricated of heavy-duty steel, a rolling service door is a low-maintenance, high-cycle solution for commercial applications such as distribution centers. These centers typically host a consistent flow of incoming and outgoing traffic, so it's critical for your facility to have dependable overhead doors that works on time, every time, with reliable operators. Our overhead doors are computer de…Read More