Garage Door Spring Repair Specials

Garage doors offer so much more than visual aesthetic. In addition to securing vehicles or supplies that may be stored in the garage, for over 70% of homeowners, they also serve as the entryway for the home. Undoubtedly, a garage door that doesn’t function properly is not only a nuisance, but it’s an emergency situation and can also be dangerous, especially when a broken spring is the culprit. TGS Garages & Doors has the expertise to assess and repair your garage spring, to maximize its lifespan, and keep your family safe.

Get Into Action If Your Garage Door Shows These Signs

As a garage door is continuously opened and closed, tension is placed on the springs, whether they be torsion or extension springs. Over time, this tension can result in a garage door that doesn’t open or close as intended. Keep an eye and ear out for the following signs, all indicators that your garage door may require spring repair:

  • A garage door that won’t open all the way. This occurs due to a safety feature that is built into most garage door openers. When the garage door opener senses a problem (usually caused by a broken spring), it stops bringing the door up in order to prevent further damage to the garage door or opener.
  • A garage door that opens slowly. If your garage door has a DC motor, it starts off slowly and then kicks into a higher speed. If the spring is broken, the door may feel too heavy to move any faster.
  • Hearing an unexplained “bang” from the garage. Often times, homeowners assume this bang is from an intruder or from something heavy that has fallen.  On the contrary, when springs break, a lot of stored mechanical energy is displaced quickly. As the coil unwinds, a loud banging noise can result.

Professional Garage Door Repair for Safety and Security

Both torsion springs and extension springs are under a lot of tension and can be incredibly dangerous if handled improperly. In addition to harming yourself, attempting to repair a spring yourself can result in significant property damage and cause serious liability problems. With the unmatched, certified expertise of TGS, your garage door will be fully functional and safe in no time at all.

We are proud of our best-in-class products, attentive garage door repair service, and risk-free guaranteeContact us today if you suspect your garage door may have a broken spring.