Your garage door opener is beginning to have problems. Does it mean that it needs to be replaced? Not necessarily. When our certified service technician comes to your home, we’ll evaluate the garage door opener using the latest in diagnostic testing and give you a detail report of the problem.

Here are many of the service repair call problems we encounter each day:

  • Garage door opener is noisy
  • Garage door opener lights are flashing
  • Garage door opener wall button does not work
  • Garage door opener remote does not work
  • Garage door opener hums but does not move
  • Garage door opener has a sagging chain or belt
  • Garage door moves a few inches and stops

Common Sign of a Broken Garage Door Opener

The most common sign of a problem with your garage door opener occurs when the garage door opener hums but does not move. This can indicate many different things, but in most cases, it will warrant a repair. There may be something sticking in the track preventing the door from moving, or there may be an issue with one of the safety sensors. Either way, if your garage door opener hums but does not move, contact TGS Garages and Doors right away. We can get to the bottom of the issue quickly and get your garage door moving again.

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