1. Commercial Rolling Door Systems, Ocean County NJ

    TGS Garages & Doors is proud to employ certified technicians for commercial rolling door systems, Ocean County NJ. It is very important when working with commercial doors to be sure they are dependable, safe and secure. Most commercial doors are protecting the investment behind the doors and within the walls of the business. Ocean County NJ commercial doors are usually automated and require sp…Read More

  2. Certified Technician Garage Door Company Monmouth County

    Ever wonder if the contractors working on your home are certified? TGS Garages & Doors proudly announces that their Garage Door Company Monmouth County does in fact have certified technicians with IDEA (International Door Education Association). Certified Technician Garage Door Company Monmouth County has individuals that have had training & passed exams.  With a very high degree of knowl…Read More

  3. Back Up in No Time

    There are a few things in this world that we take for granted until the moment that they break. Your garage door is one of these things. Whether it is a commercial or a residential garage door it is relied on heavily. Not being able to open or close a garage door puts people in an incredibly foul mood. Commercial garage doors are used throughout the day to keep a business running smoothly.When a g…Read More

  4. How The Cold Can Affect Your Garage

    Cold weather can wreak havoc on your garage. Typically, Americans use their garage as a location to store their cars and outdoor tools. It is a safe haven that protects from Mother Nature and thieves. Many people seek out garage door service in New Jersey during the winter after they forgot, or neglected, to winterize their garage. Remember, your garage door is the largest moving piece of your hom…Read More

  5. 24 Hour Garage Door Service

    Anyone who has ever had their garage door break down knows that it usually happens at the most inopportune times. The same goes for commercial garage doors because any breakdown can cost the company both time and lost revenue. When your garage door breaks down at the absolute worst time you need to call TGS Garages & Doors. We offer unparalleled 24/7 emergency garage door service in New Jersey…Read More

  6. Commercial Garage Door Companies For Steel Service Doors

    In general, commercial overhead doors call for high levels of safety and security. With an upward-coiling, steel service door, both risk and danger are removed from the equation. Many commercial garage door companies work with various manufacturers, but our family-run business has been selling, installing and servicing quality commercial doors in New Jersey for over twenty years. Our produc…Read More

  7. Commercial Garage Door Companies Trouble-Free Operation

    The daily demands of operating a manufacturing facility mean wear and tear for even the toughest overhead doors. Trouble-free operation, dependability and above all, safety, are critical. Without a reliable commercial door system, business slows or worse, stops. An upward-coiling steel door is the answer for industrial applications that require high-cycle, stringent use. With features such as c…Read More