1. New Garage Door Technology To Enhance Your Life Part 2

    Modern technology is constantly paving the way toward the future with exciting innovations and helpful inventions. Smartphones, in particular, have changed the way our society operates. Last time, we looked at modern technology that comes with modern garage doors and the benefits of each. Today’s blog will continue this topic by discussing a few more innovations that will make a new garage door …Read More

  2. New Garage Door Technology To Enhance Your Life Part 1

    While our modern society is not brimming with hoverboards and self-drying clothes, it does provide a wide range of technological devices that work to make our lives much safer and more convenient. Being able to communicate with devices and humans anywhere around the world has revolutionized how we interact. This technological boom is also beneficial for modern garage doors, many of which boast hig…Read More

  3. Considerations For Buying A New Garage Door Part 1

    While a rare occurrence, the process of buying a new garage door in New Jersey can come with a flood of details and options that need to be considered before making the investment. Putting in the research and effort before starting your garage door installation can pay big. While our company excels in providing new garage doors to New Jersey residents, we understand that putting in the planning be…Read More

  4. Looking At The Benefits Of Wood Garage Doors

    As a homeowner, the day will eventually come when you will need to replace your overhead door. While professional garage door repairs are helpful for keeping systems operating longer and better, sooner or later replacement will be the only option. When this happens, you as the landlord have numerous materials and styles to choose from. TGS Garages & Doors is here to provide new garage doors to…Read More

  5. The Advantages Of Installing A Fiberglass Garage Door

    As the summer season quickly approaches, many homeowners are gearing up to make improvements to their homes with the goal of raising their property value while also improving their experience. Many citizens will head outdoors to find the best ways to beautify their home, and for some, the checklist may include a garage door installation. If you are looking at new garage doors in New Jersey, you’…Read More

  6. Looking At Garage Doors Throughout History Part 2

    Your modern garage door is a state-of-the-art feat of convenience and engineering. From the carriage houses of the 19th Century to today’s wooden and glasses garage doors, there are plenty of reasons that our overhead door company is grateful for the current state of the industry. TGS Garages & Doors is proud to pave the way for the future, but we also understand the value of knowing the pas…Read More

  7. Looking At Garage Doors Throughout History Part 1

    They say that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. As an innovative leader into the future of modern garage doors, our overhead door company is happy to learn from the past in order to improve and shape what is to come in our industry. TGS Garages & Doors is proud to provide new garage doors and repairs to New Jersey residents in ten counties. Whether you’re looking f…Read More