1. Finding The Right R-Value With Your New Garage Door Part 2

    When it comes time to buy a new garage door for your New Jersey property, a lot of choices need to be made. From style to functionality, each one of our modern garage doors provides a unique combination of price, quality, and appearance for your needs. Wooden garage doors, for example, will perform quite differently when compared to glass garage doors. Choosing the right product for your home is a…Read More

  2. Finding The Right R-Value With Your New Garage Door Part 1

    When it comes to picking out a new garage door for your New Jersey home, there are numerous options to choose from. Simply pointing at a design you like and shouting, “Aha!” may prove to be a poor choice down the road. As a provider of modern garage door installation and repairs, TGS Garages & Doors is here to help! Our team aims to provide professional garage door services to Monmouth Cou…Read More

  3. The Benefits Of Installing A New Garage Door Part 1

    The Garden State is renowned for a number a things, from the sunny beaches to the top-notch cuisine. One aspect that many residents do not include in the list is the nice range of seasonal temperatures and weather patterns. If you own a home with a garage that is not in as good of condition as it used to be, this weather can turn into a serious concern. The garage is a major component of any house…Read More

  4. Custom Garage Doors For Manufacturing Facilities

    When your project requires quality, tough commercial doors to withstand the daily wear and tear of operating a facility, our inventory of commercial and industrial overhead doors includes a complete selection of performance- and safety-tested doors as well as custom garage doors. In order to provide a wide array of styles to meet any type of facility, our top industry manufacturers deliver insu…Read More

  5. Custom Garage Doors For Specific Design Needs

    Your project has specific design needs. Our custom garage doors come with a variety of extra features to make your project a success. Our comprehensive line of commercial overhead doors afford reliability at a competitive price point. A few things to consider when purchasing or replacing a commercial garage door are the frequency of use, insulation needs, height requirements, fire code specs and…Read More

  6. Hassle-Free Custom Garage Doors: Vital For Hospitals

    Overhead doors for hospitals are a vital application of integrated door and operator systems. Life can literally depend upon the reliable operation, hassle-free use and high quality of these custom garage doors for hospitals. With a rolling service door and our commitment to excellence, hospitals get the assurance and peace of mind that our doors will work in the most crucial situations. Our o…Read More

  7. Custom Garage Doors For Commercial Or Industrial Projects

    If you have a commercial or industrial project but are unsure about which commercial overhead door will meet your demands, our specialists will match application with need and style preference. After you simply select the specific door and operator application for your industry, we will recommend the best collection for your particular project. For example, if you are working with a government o…Read More