1. Garage Door Company Monmouth NJ Promotes Torsion Springs

    Why do Garage door companies promote torsion springs?  Monmouth NJ garage door company recommends torsion springs over extension springs because they provide improved performance and added safety value.   If a torsion spring breaks it pretty much stays put on the torsion tube without much drama.  However if you should be around when an extension spring breaks you may end up  posting  that vi…Read More

  2. How Often Should You Service Your Garage Door

    The garage door is the largest moving aspect of any home. It is only right that you service and take care of it on a regular basis. A broken down garage door can lead to more headaches than most people would like to deal with. It is easier to service a garage door than to repair it. Regular garage door service in New Jersey can lead to a garage door that runs smoothly for years. Professional garag…Read More

  3. How The Cold Can Affect Your Garage

    Cold weather can wreak havoc on your garage. Typically, Americans use their garage as a location to store their cars and outdoor tools. It is a safe haven that protects from Mother Nature and thieves. Many people seek out garage door service in New Jersey during the winter after they forgot, or neglected, to winterize their garage. Remember, your garage door is the largest moving piece of your hom…Read More

  4. Benefits of Garage Door Repair in NJ

    Living in New Jersey has taught you how to be tough. The winters can be harsh with snow, sleet, and very cold weather. You've adapted. Your clothing and your home are all perfectly suited to your winter environment. Is your garage? Did you know that there are great benefits to having your garage door repair in NJ completed before the winter? Most people think that little cracks in their garage doo…Read More

  5. Don't Let Your Need For Emergency Garage Door Repair Bring Business to a Halt

    A stuck garage door can bring your business to a halt. Stuck open, closed, or somewhere inbetween, a broken garage door is bad news for your business. A broken garage door is also much more than just an inconvenience to your business, it means you are losing time, productivity, and money. That's unacceptable! That's why we offer emergency garage door repair services for commercial garage door. No…Read More

  6. Winter Weather May Increase Your Need for Emergency Garage Door Repair

    Summer isn't even officially over yet, but already many of us are thinking about the approaching winter weather. We're probably only  a couple weeks away from snow storms and plunging temperatures, and this kind of weather can increase your need for emergency garage door repair services. Sadly, it is often in the coldest temperatures that garage doors become derailed or otherwise refuse to open…Read More

  7. We Offer a Gold Star Garage Door Maintenance Service in New Jersey for Commercial Doors

    As a business owner or manager, you know the importance of properly maintaining the equipment in your company. One of the items that requires maintenance regularly and is often overlooked by business owners is their commercial doors. Your doors require maintenance too! By properly maintaining your commercial garage doors, you can cut down and even nearly eliminate the costs that are associated wit…Read More

  8. Our Garage Door Service in New Jersey Can Extend the Life of Your Door

    Garage doors are really only built to last for so long. With the right garage door service in New Jersey, though, you can extend the life of your door. TGS Garages & Doors offers maintenance and warranty programs that are geared towards saving you from the replacement cost of a new door, and are convenient for both your schedule and your wallet. Just like any major appliance in your home, your…Read More

  9. Your Source for Garage Door Maintenance in New Jersey

    If your business relies on a sectional overhead, rolling steel, fire or commercial garage door, you stand to lose income and business if it malfunctions or breaks! We've all heard the saying "the best defense is a good offense". For you that means being proactive when it comes to your garage door maintenance in New Jersey. If you are forced to be reactive you stand to lose more money, plain and si…Read More

  10. Unbeatable Garage Door Service in New Jersey

    Garage door service is something that should be left to the experts. If you need garage door service in New Jersey, give us a call. We are the pros, with years of experience at all things garage door related! Garage doors can be dangerous if you are attempting a repair or service that you are not experienced in. Our team of technicians can quickly troubleshoot and repair garage door problems of al…Read More

  11. Schedule Your Garage Door Maintenance in New Jersey Today!

    Nobody wants to deal with a  broken garage door. It can be a major safety issue at worst, and a major annoyance at best. That is why we like to preach the importance of scheduling routine garage door maintenance in New Jersey. Routine maintenance is the key to preventing costly repairs and dangerous situations. If you notice any issues with your garage door, give us a call as soon as possible. H…Read More

  12. The Importance of Routine Garage Door Service in New Jersey

    You take your car in for an oil change every 3000 miles. This keeps the engine running smoothly and efficiently. Your car is an important investment, so you take care of it in order to extend its life. Likewise, you change out the filters on your furnace and air conditioner every season to make sure they run efficiently and your home has a clean supply of air. You clear out the gutters each fall, …Read More

  13. Let Us Provide Your Garage Door Maintenance in New Jersey

    The garage is a great place to store your car, we all know that. But how many people use their garage for other purposes? Maybe you have a band, and you hold rehearsals in your garage. Crank up the amps and let it rip! Hopefully your garage door closes properly. Keeping that sound contained could be the difference between a productive practice and an argument with your neighbors! How many guys do …Read More

  14. Affordable Garage Door Service in New Jersey

    We have made it through another winter! It may not have been the absolute worst ever, but it was pretty brutal nonetheless. New Jersey saw some of the coldest temps in 30 years, and they were sustained for longer than average too! Throw in twice the normal snowfall and you've got a recipe for a miserable winter. Winter can definitely wreck havoc on your garage door systems. The cold weather and mo…Read More