1. Diagnosing The Causes Behind Torsion Spring Failure Part 2

    Your overhead door represents the biggest moving part of your home. From the door itself to the torsion springs, there are a lot of moving components that are vital for proper operations. When something goes wrong, the risk and inconvenience can both by high. TGS Garages & Doors is here to provide top-notch garage door repairs to New Jersey residents. Our garage door services are available to …Read More

  2. Diagnosing The Causes Behind Torsion Spring Failure Part 1

    Your overhead door patiently waits day in and day out for your car, opening and closing on command. When something goes wrong, however, you may find yourself sitting outside wondering why that darn door isn’t moving. One issue could be the torsion spring, which will require professional garage door service to rectify. TGS Garages & Doors is proud to be the go-to overhead door company for Mon…Read More

  3. Security Tips To Keep Your Garage Safe And Sound Part 2

    Garage doors have historically been known as the weakest point of a home. Whether through user or equipment error, burglars are known to take advantage of this easy access point. In our last blog, we looked at a few security tips to keep your garage secured. Today, we’ll continue this discussion with a few more security aspects that you as a responsible homeowner can utilize to make life harder …Read More

  4. Security Tips To Keep Your Garage Safe And Sound Part 1

    Your home’s garage door happens to be the largest entrance into the home and is oftentimes the least secure. Many Americans overlook the security of this large moving device, often overestimating its protective abilities against criminals. This can be even more true for homeowners who go on vacation. Other times, faulty equipment can be blamed for not being a strong enough deterrent to prevent t…Read More

  5. Safety Tips From Your Garage Door Repair Specialists Part 2

    For many Americans, the garage door represents convenience and security. Most of these citizens enjoy this modern luxury on a daily basis with little concern for any hazards. If treated improperly, your home’s overhead door system can be the source of multiple injury risks. Last time, we looked at a few safety tips for your garage door that can help to reduce the likelihood of you or your guests…Read More

  6. Safety Tips From Your Garage Door Repair Specialists Part 1

    As garage door safety month approaches, our overhead door company is working tirelessly to provide optimal garage door repairs to our New Jersey customers. Our trained technicians excel in providing garage door parts and solutions for any and all issues affecting your garage door. When your garage door is not operating correctly, the consequences can be very serious. Because of this, TGS Garages &…Read More

  7. Tips To Help Avoid Garage Door Repairs Part 2

    When it comes the choice of performing your own maintenance or paying for repairs, many Americans will roll up their sleeves and get to work. This can hold true for many a crafty homeowner. While doing the work yourself is often preferable, it may not always be recommendable. As a provider of garage door repairs in New Jersey, TGS Garages & Doors is here to help! Our experienced professionals …Read More

  8. Tips To Help Avoid Garage Door Repairs Part 1

    Your garage door is a silent sentinel that protects against invaders and the elements. Utilizing a large piece of moving metal can bring inherent risks for mechanical failures. As such, it can fall on you as the homeowner to be responsible for any and all garage door services that will result from poor equipment conditions. When you need garage door repairs for your New Jersey home, we can help! T…Read More

  9. Finance Garage Door Repair Ocean NJ

    When it comes to home repairs the garage door can be costly. With all the moving parts involved, repairs can definitely add up. We offer our customers the ability to finance garage door repair Ocean NJ. With 12 months interest free financing the choice is easy. Looking to repair the opener or even replace your door, financing can sure help on today’s tight budget. Ocean NJ has seen its fair shar…Read More

  10. Affordable Garage Door Service In Ocean County New Jersey

    TGS Garages & Doors are known for their great service, reliability, and their prices on garage door service in Ocean County NJ. TGS offers great deals for customers in Ocean County NJ to take advantage of. There are several ways to find these great deals which are easy to get and apply towards your next garage door service. TGS offers coupons and rebates on garage door service posted on their …Read More