1. How to Maintain Your New Jersey Garage Doors

    There are simple things you can do to help maintain your New Jersey garage doors. Simple maintenance tasks can help you keep your garage doors working flawlessly for years to come, reducing your replacement costs and ensuring you have a working entrance to your garage and your home. Check out these tips from our New Jersey garage door experts: Keep the rails well lubricated, as well as the hinges…Read More

  2. Lubrication For Garage Doors, NJ

    The most common type of residential garage door operates with a chain drive opener, which also makes for the noisiest type of door due to the movement of the chain. In addition to the chain drive, a typical garage door has many moving parts that become noisy over time. Chain drive garage door openers should be lubricated regularly to keep the chain moving smoothly. Use a lubricating spray to k…Read More