Not sure if your garage door opener needs to be replaced or repaired? Consider the safety sensor. If you currently don’t have a safety sensor, we highly recommend replacing the garage-door opener. Your family, car and valuables are at risk, as the sensors protect what may be underneath the door. 

How To Select a New Garage Door Opener

Learn the difference between the various garage door openers and compare their features including noise, power, security and technology upgrades like battery back-ups and motion-detecting control panel with timer-to-close. Choose an opener that will last, stand the test of constant use and operate during a power outage. Our experienced garage door consultants will gladly help you make the right choice.  Call TGS Garages & Doors today at 1-800-644-5207 for immediate installation!

TGS also provides time-delay lights for added security. Keep the garage illuminated a little longer to ensure that you and your family are safe and secure inside your home before the lights go out.

We offer competitive rates, quick service and extended hours, including evenings and weekends.  Check out our opener specials and service offer TODAY!